Spring beauty! What a wedding!

I did this wedding back in May 2013. A couple of good friends were getting married. This shoot was such a pleasure to do and even though the danish weather is always a gamble, (especially during spring time) it was beautiful that day! We had A LOT of time available compared with what I’m used to, so it was a very relaxed shoot! :)

Take a look at this beautiful couple!

Portrætter_005Portrætter_003Portrætter_002    Portrætter_037Portrætter_035Portrætter_016Portrætter_032    Portrætter_051Portrætter_027Portrætter_151Portrætter_026Portrætter_049Portrætter_043Portrætter_053Portrætter_055    Portrætter_136Portrætter_069Portrætter_059Portrætter_066Portrætter_058Portrætter_074    Portrætter_076Portrætter_078Portrætter_084Portrætter_080Portrætter_133    Portrætter_114Portrætter_108    Portrætter_105Portrætter_135Portrætter_094Portrætter_144



So I did this shoot with beautiful model Anne Lysa a while ago. We just got together and came up with the idea that every outfit should either have a transparent item or a very flowy feel to it. We also wanted to show some emotion and that’s why I named the shoot “Transparent”. I absolutely LOVE spontaneous shoots! This is were creativity and fun really plays a part :)

What do you guys think about this shoot?

IMG_7964 IMG_8129 IMG_8235 IMG_8286 IMG_8347 IMG_8459 IMG_8373

Sneak peek of Anne Lysa!

Hi there! So today I did a shoot with gorgeous friend and model Anne Lysa in my livingroom. It was really nice to shoot with her again! Been way too long since the last shoot we did together!

Here’s a sneak peek from today! What do you guys think? :)


Creative Sunday

And now I’m finally done with the shoot I did with gorgeous Manon! I wanted to shoot her for quite a while! I always thought she looked so stunning, and this shoot was just a treat to do! Very laidback and fun :D We didn’t have any particular plans so it was all about being a little creative with what we had.

We ended up doing some fashion portraits and a little beauty. And by the way.. I chose the color photo I posted earlier on ;)

IMG_6904 IMG_6922    IMG_6958IMG_6951  IMG_6973   IMG_6988 IMG_7000 IMG_6869    IMG_7040 IMG_7123  IMG_7131 IMG_7217

The Attic

I did this shoot very spontaneously in June with gorgeous Matilde who is one of my favorite models to work with! I got a new lens I had to test and I had this idea of using my own attic because of the beautiful and moody natural light. Hope you like it :)


Model: Matilde Sofie Borgensgaard Green

IMG_6697 IMG_6706  IMG_6715 IMG_6920IMG_6724  IMG_6728IMG_6801IMG_6799  IMG_6849 IMG_6972IMG_7050